Areas of Interest:

Medical Product Design

Mobility and Aid Devices



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As someone who loves people, products, and interactions, Emily has found her niche in product design. Her passion for design stems from the ability to help others be the best they can be in every situation.


In her words, "I don't want to only design products, I want to design experiences and tools that allow people to overcome hard tasks." With this mindset, Emily is most intrigued by the medical field -specifically in the prosthetics industry- but is interested in any sort of design that encourages people to grow.

Emily's Fun Facts!

  • She studied abroad in Australia to complete her Sustainability Minor.

  • She loves to be active and compete in: rowing, Australian rules football, cycling (RAGBRAI), marching band (trombone), and can play a mean game of cards!

  • She has explored 5 continents and hopes to make it to the other two!

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