Eric WelleI

About EricI

Eric Welle is an Industrial Design major in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University. During his time in the program, his studies have sparked a deep interest for design in the direct digital manufacturing field. Armed with this new knowledge and past life experience, Eric is now employed by local company Epic Manufacturing where he can play in traffic at the intersection of design and manufacturing. His sights are set on one day building a business where he can teeter on the edge of manufacturing technology while creating products that break the habits of the past and take us into the future.





About Nick

My name is Nick and I'm passionate about making change and moving society forward!

I love to design products, have an insatiable appetite for self-improvement, and thrive in ambiguous situations. I get inspired by sci-fi movies and dream of working closely with emerging technologies. My superpowers are my drive and endless curiosity about things and the universe in which we find ourselves.