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Smart Home/IoT

Medical Devices

UI/UX Design

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Hui is currently a full- time student at Arizona State University(ASU) in Tempe, Arizona. She is scheduled to graduate in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Design-Industrial design. In addition to maintaining a 4.0 cumulative GPA in a challenging academic program, she also has the passion to be an Industrial Designer.Hui has the working knowledge to be an Industrial Designer which is to use Adobe Creative Cloud, Solidworks, Keyshot, and iMovie. She also has other skills such as bilingual with English and Chinese, and proficient in Microsoft Suite. She has a lot of hobbies, such as making a planner, making Mobile Suit Gundam Models, and oil painting. She will share her hobbies on Instagram. The planner can help her organize everything efficiently, and also practice making a good layout. Making Mobile Suit Gundam Models can help her practice design and model skills. Last but not least, the oil painting can let her calm down to look at everything carefully.

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