Isabel FernaldI

About IsabelI

Isabel is a product designer from Colorado getting a BS in Industrial Design with a minor in Sustainability. Her love of research and the outdoors inspire designs that focus on well-researched, sustainable solutions. Her work with South Mountain WORKS Coalition and The Sagrado Galleria to build trauma-informed schools in South Phoenix, in part by engaging students in design, also inspired a passion for finding new ways to involve stakeholders in the design process. She is always looking for opportunities to keep learning and using design to improve people’s lives.




About Nick

My name is Nick and I'm passionate about making change and moving society forward!

I love to design products, have an insatiable appetite for self-improvement, and thrive in ambiguous situations. I get inspired by sci-fi movies and dream of working closely with emerging technologies. My superpowers are my drive and endless curiosity about things and the universe in which we find ourselves.