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Hey, meet Jenn! She's obsessed with animals. Any kind of animal! Ok, that’s not true, she hates scorpions...but that’s a story for another time. Jennifer has always known that she loved being creative but had the hardest time pinpointing exactly what it was she wanted to do with her life.

Jennifer learned about Industrial Design when going through the University’s “Majors” catalog. It was like a Disney movie with the clouds parting, lights beaming down on her, and beautiful harp music playing while she glows. She found her thing! She's loved every stressful minute of her college career. She has learned her strengths, and her “not-so-strengths”. She doesn’t see them as a weakness because she can continue to work on it and continue to improve. Because of her major, Jennifer has been lucky enough to dive into the world of 3D-Printing and taught herself the basics! She even owns her own printer (Prusa-MK3S) which she is madly in love with.


In a nutshell: She's an Industrial Designer who loves animals, loved her college experience, loves 3D-Printing and wants to design for animals. 

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