Josh MarcumI

About JoshI

Josh is a recent graduate from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Industrial Design. When designing, Josh keeps in mind that form follows function and the process and purpose are the most valuable assets to a great design. Josh has gained valuable corporate skills through his internship with MediPines where he collaborated with engineering and marketing departments to win a prestigious pediatric award and grant. He understands the value of working as a team to meet a goal under tight timelines. Josh is a determined worker who loves to bounce ideas off fellow designers and colleagues of other disciplines. He has worked with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, and values the impact his work has on the community. His skills in understanding brand language and current design trends can prove to be valuable in his work. Josh is always up for multiple assignments and can always adapt to new situations.

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Stream Portable Shower

About Nick

My name is Nick and I'm passionate about making change and moving society forward!

I love to design products, have an insatiable appetite for self-improvement, and thrive in ambiguous situations. I get inspired by sci-fi movies and dream of working closely with emerging technologies. My superpowers are my drive and endless curiosity about things and the universe in which we find ourselves.