Lunalilo WilcoxI

About LunaliloI

Aloha  Kākou, Lunalilo is a graduating senior of ASU’s Industrial Design program. Luna looks forward to continuing his growth as an industrial designer who enjoys creating positive solutions to everyday problems alongside like minded individuals. Luna is highly interested in creating innovative products for outdoor recreational activities such as camping or hiking as well as getting “his foot in the door” within the shoe industry as a shoe designer. He is also interested in seeing the many moving parts of how a product comes to life, and how he will be involved in that journey. Luna enjoys working with his hands and is open to any opportunities that will allow him to create physical, 3d models within a shop work space. 

Nosmo Smokeless Grill.jpg

Nosmo Smokeless Grill

Apto Cookware Set

Apto Outdoor Kitchen.jpg

Apto Outdoor Kitchen

About Nick

My name is Nick and I'm passionate about making change and moving society forward!

I love to design products, have an insatiable appetite for self-improvement, and thrive in ambiguous situations. I get inspired by sci-fi movies and dream of working closely with emerging technologies. My superpowers are my drive and endless curiosity about things and the universe in which we find ourselves.