Preston HowellI

About PrestonI

Preston is a self-motivated worker, taking top priority in completing high-quality work and contributing to his team members. He has a keen sense of detail, aesthetics, and design, and takes pride in always striving to accomplish the best quality of work according to his abilities.  During his time at ASU, he has been heavily involved in various organizations, including being President of ASU’s Chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America, and being Lead Industrial-Mechanical Designer of The Luminosity Lab under the Knowledge Enterprise department.

Xiro Irrigation Controller.jpeg


IO Operating Room System.jpeg

IO Operating System

ARBR Hybrid Chainsaw.jpeg

ARBR Hybrid Chainsaw

About Nick

My name is Nick and I'm passionate about making change and moving society forward!

I love to design products, have an insatiable appetite for self-improvement, and thrive in ambiguous situations. I get inspired by sci-fi movies and dream of working closely with emerging technologies. My superpowers are my drive and endless curiosity about things and the universe in which we find ourselves.