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Yuna Song is a student who is scheduled to graduate from the industrial design at Arizona State University. She graduated from an art school in Singapore and transferred to the industrial design of Arizona State University in 2018. After graduation, Yuna wants to go to graduate school to study this field more deeply. She has wanted to design a product so much since she was a kid that she came here to learn about it properly. Yuna experienced an internship while studying. In Korea, she participated in product design, mass production, public relations, and UI fields. Yuna also teamed up and participated in the development of new products for a cosmetics company. 

Yuna has been constantly thinking about what type of product design she should do or what kind of designer she should be. She thinks it's the designer's job to solve problems and to provide people with a better life through new products. Yuna believes user-centered design is easy to approach and fun and is what she wants to do in her career. From now on, Yuna will help people by designing goods that everyone enjoys.

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