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About ASU Industrial Design

The BSD in industrial design at The Design School prepares students to envision the future by following the process of ideating, iterating, developing, testing and prototyping new products, services and strategies. Students use interdisciplinary learning to turn creative ideas into successful projects for society.

The program's students have a strong commitment to the environment and the human being; they center their approaches on delivering solutions that are beneficial for society, with a strong sense of humanity, empowered by the latest trends and technologies, always looking to get a positive impact on every scale.

The curriculum of lower-division studio and lecture courses helps students develop a strong foundation of design skills. Upper-division studio courses allow students to collaborate and address design challenges, professional projects and case scenarios. To balance the classroom theory and to add periods of practical, hands-on experience before graduation, industrial design students also follow an internship program.

ASU Design South Building


IDSA Student Chapter

The mission of IDSA at ASU is to unify, inspire, provoke, and expand the horizons of ASU Industrial Design students. IDSA at ASU provides students with resources, interaction, and experiences, to elevate their design skills.

Student Work

Explore projects and work completed by students in The Design School.

About the Website

Each year a website design team is assembled from the graduating students. These selected students are responsible for designing and updating this website.

2024 Vance LeSatz

2023 Lindsey Brannen, Jennifer Harned, and Bennett Junkins

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