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Brandon Woolgar majored in Industrial Design with a minor in Sustainability. His passion for design stemmed from tinkering with objects as a child and wanting to create rides for Disneyland. Brandon’s fields of interest are themed entertainment, consumer electronics, and transportation. Brandon hopes to create designs that inspire and bring joy to the user.

During his spring semester of 2022, Brandon joined SteamTank, A subsidiary of InnovationSpace at ASU. As a designer on the team, Brandon helped create six different exhibits for a children’s museum that aims to teach the youth about sustainability through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). He used his skills in 3-D printing, casting, woodworking, and 3-D rendering to help the team successfully create their exhibits. Brandon looks forward to returning next spring as faculty to help creates new exhibits along side the students.

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Brandon Woolgar


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