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Bio: Chukwuzulum Nwizu is a first-generation undergrad senior majoring in industrial design at Arizona State University. While attending school at Arizona State, he was nominated and awarded the Herberger school of design for design excellence twice. Chukwuzulum was able to apply his creativity and problem-solving skills when he completed his internship as Industrial Designer at SolarSPELL in the fall of 2021. As the chief designer in the internship, he was tasked with ideating and creating a functional model for a new agricultural soil sensor for farmers in developing countries.

His strengths include prototyping, product wondering, design for manufacturing, and consumer electronics design. With the talents and knowledge he gained throughout his years at ASU, he plans on pursuing his passion in automotive design, consumer electronic design, And medical product design.

Outside of school, Chukwuzulum has many interests. He enjoys many outdoor activities like hiking, volleyball, soccer, running, etc., as well as gaming and creating useful gadgets with his 3D printer He also has a huge passion for automotive and loves to work on his car (at least during the times when it’s not broken down).

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Chukwuzulum Nwizu

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