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Bio: Esai is a senior in Industrial Design at Arizona State University. Having gone to Mesa Community College where he received his Associates in Graphic Design, he began his Bachelors in Industrial Design in 2018. He previously worked at Rio Salado as a Tutor for Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Software. Esai joined the Luminosity Lab in the Spring of 2021. He was able to learn new skills such as UI/UX through Figma and provide help to design web mockups for Project Qork. He wants to contribute his skills as a designer.

Esai has a strong passion to design and develop innovative ideas that can move us forward and solve future problems today. His goals are to integrate user experiences into innovative projects. Esai wants to contribute his skills as a professional industrial and graphic designer.

Esai’s area of interest for product design is the Internet of Things (IoT). He wants to design and manufacture new products that make everyday life easier and seamless. These products include smart home devices, consumer electronics, and new technologies. Esai is focused on creating products for the future that could help millions of people.

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Esai Gamboa

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