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Bio: Gloria Chrisanty is a Barrett senior majoring in Industrial Design and minoring in Art History at ASU. She is a proud immigrant from Indonesia, but grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Gloria loves to travel to new places and use her experiences to push her abilities and perspective as a critical thinker, problem solver, and creative. She was awarded the Paul Rothstein Sustainable World Award this year in recognition of her work to carry on the late Professor Paul Rothstein’s legacy as an innovative designer and educator. Gloria plans to study abroad in Bali this summer to reconnect with her heritage and continue her thesis work in designing accessible art/design learning technology for children living in rural Indonesia. Her areas of interest include design research, UI/UX, and development of products that challenge perspectives, educate and empower communities, and inspire change.

Gloria has many interests and experiences that have shaped her design approach. Her fascination in the arts as the Editor in Chief for Barrett’s publication, Lux Undergraduate Creative Review, and her role as Museum Ambassador at the ASU Art Museum and Floor Manager at Grady Gammage Auditorium has granted her a wide variety of experiences and knowledge within the creative arts. In addition, Gloria has worked as a museum preparator assistant as well as a consultant for a concept project with Universal Electronics Inc., which broadened her applications to design. Outside of design, she loves to read her endless supply of books, marvel at art in museums, swim laps, go on scenic bike rides or hikes, and watch anime.

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