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Bio: Kobe Mumford is a fourth year industrial design student at Arizona State University. He is Maryland born and Delaware raised but came to Arizona in hopes to explore his creativity as he has always been artistic and enjoyed drawing since he was young. Kobe is driven by the mindset of always wanting to improve and strives to create products that impact people’s lives. He is always asking questions and educating himself to become more knowledgeable in his interests, including sports and footwear design.

Kobe is always working to hone in his skills as a footwear designer. He attended Pensole Academy in the summer of 2021, where he worked alongside some of the best footwear designers on projects for The NorthFace and Timberland. He will be attending Pensole Academy again this year on projects with Carhartt in Detroit, Michigan. When he’s not sketching/rendering on the latest footwear project, you can find him on the basketball court or watching anime.

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Kobe Mumford

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