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Meng Lin majored in Industrial Design and minored in Fashion at Arizona State University. Her passions are not only in product design but across garment design, footwear design, and wearable technology. Her passion for footwear led her to attend an 11-week design intensive Masterclass with Pensole Footwear Design academy in Summer 2021. After the challenging yet exciting Summer, she gained knowledge of footwear design, materials compatibility, and understanding of color trends. Along with school, she works as a graphic design assistant position at Edplus from Arizona State University. The experience brings her the ability of visual communication and building innovative graphic designs. She also had the opportunity to attend the Google Mentorship Program. As a mentee, she worked with an Industrial Designer from Google which sharpened her skills of storytelling and concept presentation. During school years, she won the Design Excellence Award in 2019 and has been nominated two other times.

As Meng continues her design journey, she is very excited to explore more in the footwear industry and follow her passion.

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