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Michelina Calo is a first generation undergraduate senior majoring in Industrial Design and minoring in Biological Sciences at ASU’s Barrett. Michelina was nominated and awarded the Herberger Design School for Design Excellence Award. Michelina has always been a creative thinker and problem solver, and is living out her passion as an Industrial Designer and UI/UX Designer at the Luminosity Lab. Her areas of interests are medical product design, consumer electronics design, AR/VR design and anything that combines cutting-edge technologies with world changing experiences.

Since joining Luminosity in the spring of 2020, she has collaborated and designed for several multidisciplinary product development projects for a variety of clients such as Banner Health, Starbucks, NASA, Tempronics, Bank of the West and more. Michelina spent her past year leading the AR design for a project with Starbucks and acting as a project manager for a sponsored project with Bank of the West and BNP Paribas. She also interned as an industrial and UI/UX designer for Universal Electronics Inc. on a concept project that was revealed at the CES Spring 2022 showcase. When Michelina is not designing, she enjoys video gaming, growing spicy peppers and hiking with her Husky.

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