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Muhan Liu, a senior in industrial design at Arizona State University, will receive a bachelor's degree in design in May 2022. He is very passionate about industrial and human-computer interaction design and would like to continue working in these industries. He is passionate about designing everything that diversifies life and making them a reality.

During his four years at the university, Muhan conducted two internships, covering design, curation, management and other fields of work. He has fully acquired his interpersonal skills and the opportunity to collaborate with other great designers, resulting in excellent results for the company. During his tenure, he brought unique, innovative and original design solutions to the company, which were recognized by his predecessors. Due to his keen eye and excellent communication skills, he is also able to provide some valuable advice to his colleagues. In his spare time, Muhan has many interests including calligraphy, basketball, photography and more.

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Muhan Liu

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