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Quinn McIntyre Graduated in Spring 2022 from the Herberger Institute of Design as a Dean's Honor Student. It was there that he received a Bachelor's degree in Industrial/Product Design through Arizona State University. He was able to complete and thrive in this competitive program by relying on his persistence, determination, and passion for design and creative expression. Quinn says that he earned many of his life skills and interests through his passion for skateboarding and love for the outdoors, all while growing up in the city of Portland, then later transitioning to life in the desert. As a result of his gained life experiences and learned perspectives, he wants to give back to the skateboarding and outdoors communities, as well as marginalized communities through environmentally conscious sustainable design that helps people and answers problems. His skills include concept sketching/ideation, 3D modeling, computer modeling, hand and computer rendering, Adobe programs, graphic design, group collaboration, and feasible, as well as conceptual, product design.

During the Summer of 2021 Quinn McIntyre completed a paid internship for Ann Clark Ltd. It was here that he gained experience and knowledge from the multiple industries involved. In many ways the internship was informative of how companies function and what goes into the ideation and production process. Quinn’s desk was located in the factory, so he got a front row seat to see how Ann Clark’s products are manufactured. The C.E.O. took Quinn under his wing and gave him generous leeway on a couple of big projects. Quinn’s work included interior design for the C.E.O. and marketing offices, various graphic design projects, company research, input on maximizing factory floor efficiency, and future product ideation through sketches and detailed computer models/renderings.

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