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Bio: Uriel Ornelas is an undergraduate senior studying Industrial Design at Arizona State University. He is an Arizona native of Mexican descent and is a first generation college student. As a design student, he was nominated three times for ASU’s Design Excellence Award. In spring of 2021, he was given the role of lead designer for the design team at Luminosity. His strengths are in consumer electronics design, human factors, design for manufacturing, ideation, rapid prototyping, product rendering, and user experience design. Ever since he was a kid, he wanted to be an inventor and make people’s lives better. His goal is to leave the world better than he found it while enriching the lives of others. He hopes that one day, he can see someone using one of the products he designed.

He joined Luminosity in early 2020, working on intubation container systems to help keep the health workers safe while working. He then helped with developing a mask called MunchMask, that everyday people can use and eat without having to take it off. After Luminosity won the Xprize mask competition, he worked extensively with the team to develop a new design for the mask. He also worked with students from KNUST University in Ghana, to design the casing for a fire alarm concept that their students developed. As lead designer, he led the design team to develop design concepts and presentations to succeed in various achievements. Throughout the lab experience, he has been able to work with various companies such as: Axon, Touchpoint, Phoenix Children‘s Hospital, NASA, Kimberly Clark, Starbucks and more. When he’s not working or at school, he’s playing soccer or spending time with family.

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