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Zhuoran Li is a senior majoring in industrial design at Arizona State University. As an adventurous creator, Zhuoran Li excels at incorporating innovative ideas into product designs to create unique solutions to problems.

Zhuoran Li has his own unique insights and ideas on design. He focuses on translating innovative concepts into reality, and solving current and future design problems through the practice of creative projects. Zhuoran Li's field of interest is interactive and electronic products, which have advanced technical concepts and user experience. His passion for design enables him to create suitable solutions for users and discover potential design possibilities.

As a practitioner, Zhuoran Li joined the China Science and Technology Museum in 2019 and worked as a design engineer on the project team. Zhuoran Li contributed the design concepts he mastered and achieved significant design success. As part of the design team, he designed brochures for the pavilion and improved the layout and visuals of the exhibition.

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