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Charles Pickering

An analytical thinker with a focus on how technology has and will continue to shape society. Charles designs consumer electronics for a sustainable future that acknowledge and embrace how we use technology. Naturally curious, Charles operates a miniature datacenter (often referred to as a homelab), builds and maintains 3D printers, has contributed to open source software and hardware projects, and has ongoing research into economics, sustainability, social sciences, education, and computing. “Keeping a broad range of interests helps me to better understand the many people my products will affect and allows me to make better informed design decisions. I think knowing more about the world makes you a better designer everywhere.”

Charles has a diverse range of interests in computing, stemming from his fascination with the launch and evolution of various products such as Skype, Alexa, Surface Pro, Zune, and Apple Watch within his lifetime. Watching these products both succeed and fail in the market - and often transforming the way we communicate or obtain services - has been an exciting source of inspiration. He finds it especially compelling that these advancements are happening right now, providing him with the opportunity to witness and learn about the rapid evolution of computing technology and being able to incorporate the experience into his products.

He is a Certified Solidworks Associate and also uses Onshape, Keyshot, Adobe and Affinity products regularly to get his point across.

Charles Pickering

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