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Christopher Keeley

Meet Chris Keeley, a Senior Industrial Design student at Arizona State University who is driven by his passion for design. He strives to create clean and precise designs, and is committed to constantly improving his skills in the field. Chris is a humble individual who remains dedicated and is always eager to learn and explore new techniques.

Beyond design, Chris has a diverse range of hobbies which include playing the piano, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Chris is a collaborative team player who values the opinions and ideas of others. He brings a new perspective to every project he works on and is always willing to listen and learn from his colleagues.

Currently, Chris is on the search for a design career that will allow him to put his skills to the test in real-world projects. He invites potential employers to take a look at his portfolio and encourages them to reach out to him with any questions or inquiries. Chris is confident that he can be a valuable asset to any organization that values creativity, hard work, and teamwork.

Featured Projects

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