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Ellie Reid

Ellie Reid is an intellectually curious student graduating with concurrent degrees in Philosophy (Morality, Politics, and Law) and Industrial Design at Arizona State University. Fascinated by both the theoretical and practical realms of study, Ellie is dedicated to exploring the intersection between philosophical inquiry and design—seeking to create a more just, responsible, and enjoyable world through her work.

Fueled by her understanding of the power of combining creativity with critical thinking, Ellie developed an in-depth understanding of the underlying principles that govern our society and the role of design in shaping our experiences and overall quality of life. In this pursuit, she has been inspired by the ideas of influential philosophers like Jürgen Habermas, who argued that philosophers serve an interdisciplinary role in society, connecting various fields of knowledge to address complex issues.

Embracing the interdisciplinary role, Ellie has done countless deep-dives into various areas of study, enabling her to bridge the gaps between disciplines to incorporate valuable knowledge into her designs. As a result, she has emerged as a strong advocate for interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches that lead with the ethical implications of design choices and their impact on society.

Through her academic journey and independent studies, Ellie continues challenging the status quo and promoting responsible innovation. By applying her unique blend of philosophical insight and design expertise, she aims to develop products and systems that embody ethical principles, enrich people's lives, and preserve the planet for future generations.

Ellie Reid

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