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Jennifer Harned

Jennifer Harned is a designer and artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She originally attended Arizona State University intending to become a sustainable packaging designer, but her areas of interest are vast and include film, ceramics, printmaking, graphic design, and food policy, among other disciplines. Motivated by a vision for a more equitable and sustainable future for all, her work relies on the intersection of human-centered design and sustainability principles.

Creating art, telling stories, and working with her hands has always been an important part of Jennifer’s life, and she plans to continue these practices into the future. She has taken an interest in math, logic, puzzles, and strategy from a young age and enjoys the technical and problem-solving aspects of design.

Jennifer believes in taking systems-based approaches to problem-solving, especially regarding issues of sustainability. She hopes that whatever work she ends up doing will help improve people’s lives, not only today but for many generations to come.  

Featured Projects

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