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Kristin Schock

Kristin has a passion for designing innovative and functional consumer electronics and home goods that improve people's lives. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design with a minor in Sustainability, and is expected to graduate in May of 2023.

Kristin's design philosophy is grounded in the belief that form should always follow function, while also considering the user's emotional connection to the product. She specializes in designing products that seamlessly integrate into people's lives, with a focus on user experience and ease of use.

Kristin's design projects often include research into the latest consumer trends and emerging technologies to create products that are relevant and in-demand. She has a particular interest in designing products that reduce environmental impact and increase sustainability.

Kristin is committed to using her design skills to make a positive impact on the world and hopes to work for a company that values innovation, sustainability, and user-centered design after graduation.

Featured Projects

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