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Mohammad Shadab Naveed

Mohammad likes to observe how human beings interact with their surrounding tools and objects. His design philosophy is to create experiences that do not require any conscious articulation or thought; to give people the intuitive and beautiful physical objects they need in order to achieve mastery in whatever activity they engage in.

Outside the studio, he is curious, adventurous, and ambitious. He grew up getting his hands dirty with paint and charcoal in a family of established architects from Bangladesh. In the past five years, he has traveled as much as he could, learning about and studying various cultures and traditions from different people, states, and cities. As an Industrial Design major at Arizona State University, Mohammad had the opportunity to turn his passion for creative problem-solving and hands-on making into a career. He is currently working part-time at 28 Gorilla Engineering and is interested in the law enforcement and Medtech sectors.

Featured Projects

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