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brandon lê

Hi, I'm a recent industrial design grad from ASU 👋. I'm currently Industrial Designer at SolarSPELL working on designing and developing solutions for empowering global learning and off-grid infrastructure. Previously, I did my ID intern at General Motors' BrightDrop EV division in Palo Alto.

Before industrial design I was in film production and worked for business intelligence and social impact advisory firms. My hope is that my work makes a positive impact on the people around me and the world as a whole :)

Featured Projects

SolarSENSE / Soil Sensor

There are over 500 million smallholder farms in the world. They make up a significant portion of the world’s poorest people, living on less than $2 a day, and they produce about a third of the world’s food. Our goal with SolarSENSE is to make some of the technology that is typically only available to large industrial farms more accessible to these small family farms and help them adapt their farming practices to climate change impacts.

The primary aim with this initiative is aid 250,000 smallholder farmers across Rwanda, South Sudan, and Madagascar in enhancing crop yields through the implementation of conservation agriculture practices.

SolarSENSE has been tested in fields around the world and was exhibited at SaloneSatellite in Milan, Italy.

Flow / Hydroponic Garden

Flow is a bold planter system which embraces modernist principles to bring in-home agriculture into the future. Blending hydroponics with traditional growing methods in a system enhanced by smart technology creates an innovative plantxhuman experience.

SunPedal / Public Chargers

SunPedal introduces a plug-and-play solution for bringing necessary infrastructure to cities. By providing safe storage of electric micromobility devices in the from of a network of public chargers at users’ destinations, SunPedal makes the experience of owning and operating micromobility devices easier and more convenient.