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Ian Barr

Ian Barr is an Industrial Designer driven by the pursuit of crafting projects that resonate with people's emotional and qualitative needs. With a background in fine arts, he obtained his BFA in Interior Architecture in 2021 and his Masters in Industrial Design in May of 2024. Ian Barr has a relentless dedication to embracing creativity in every skill he acquires, constantly seeking ways to push boundaries and always asking “How can we push this further?” His sincere love for sketching has contributed to this mindset by helping explore diverse environments, whether working independently or within a collaborative team dynamic. Outside of design, he spends his free time sketching, doing film photography, and music production.

Featured Projects


Mindful Ear Therapy Unit (Metu) is a playful set of high impedance therapy headphones for children that integrates with their therapeutic activities rather than just being a device for listening.

As One

As One is a long distance relationship product that offers tangible interaction in a gamified playful experience.

Safe Return

Safe return is a small emergency gps device centered around keeping you calm and focused if your are lost in the wilderness.