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Rachel Wangeman

Rachel is a 4rd year Industrial Design student pursuing a bachelor's degree from Arizona State University.

When she was in middle school, she was first introduced to the world of design through her experience as a cosplayer, building costumes and replicas from video games and movies, then showcasing them online for others to see. Since then, she has only continued to grow, developing a strong skillset in CAD drafting, sketching, and physical modeling.

Rachel is passionate about film, art, music, and fitness, and in her free time she enjoys getting outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

Featured Projects

Cooler Coop

Cooler Coop is a modular backyard chicken coop for warm, dry climates. It features a steel frame construction to keep out chicken-eating predators, easy access to eggs in the nesting box, and a solar powered fan to help keep the flock cool in the summer.

MAKITA Palm Sander

For any carpenter, auto-body technician, or handyman focused on precise details, a palm sander is an essential tool. This redesigned version of the palm sander differs from others on the market due to its unique palm-switch function, which allows the user to activate the motor simply by gripping the device. Designed for the MAKITA TOOLS brand, the sander is compatible with MAKTIA rechargeable batteries and uses standard-sized hook-and-loop sandpaper.


BladeBlock is a revolutionary, comfort-fit neck guard for ice hockey players, designed to prevent neck laceration injuries.

In 2023, the death of professional hockey player Adam Johnson due to an on-ice blade injury shocked the hockey community. In the aftermath of this tragedy, there has been a renewed interest in using advanced materials to develop better equipment to protect players from blade injuries on the ice.

Despite the danger of injury, neck guards are widely unpopular among hockey players, mainly due to how uncomfortable they can be to wear. BladeBlock seeks to solve this problem by using comfortable, sweat-wicking materials and an ergonomic, form-fitting design.

BladeBlock is designed to come in a variety of sizes, to fit players of all ages and ability levels. Whether they be learning to skate for the first time, or playing professionally, BladeBlock protects all.