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Vance LeSatz

Vance is a born and raised fourth generation Arizonan with a background in creative product development. After graduating he plans to stay in Arizona and work in the local manufacturing industry designing attractive research-based products that elevate people’s lives. His strengths lie in creative problem solving, interpersonal skills, and engineering. Hobbies that spark his interests are digital art, pickleball, and visiting historical sites.

Featured Projects


Aires is designed for commuters. As many Americans commute to work or school daily, it is all too common that their tires need service. The Aires portable air compressor is designed to help them maintain optimum tire inflation and offer support in case of a flat.

I was inspired to design Aires from my experience driving long commutes and seeing many people struggle along theirs. Living along the most traveled highway in Arizona has shown me how commuting is dangerous and challenging for many. With this design, I chose to help these commuters with peace of mind and safety along their journey.


Coursus is a freshly designed competitive golf shoe that is for the next generation of golfers. It's unique aesthetic and spike mounting system embodies a feeling that young golfers crave in style and performance. Designed on the insight that young golfers want a brighter, almost funky style, and the ability to service their shoes, gives Coursus a competitive edge. Creating a shoe that delivered on these insights brought out an innovative compression mounted spike system and lively course inspired graphics.


A piece of furniture that embodies contemporary design and effortless clothing storage. Inspired by the need to compactly store more clothes, Henderson offers a functional way to expand your closet while asking the question "why has clothing storage not changed in the past 50 years?" Henderson offers a solution to this with a function derived contemporary form and innovative clothes hangers.